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Honest moments that tell the story of your day

I take a reportage style approach to capturing your wedding, naturally documenting the day as it unfolds.

The real, unscripted and spontaneous moments of your day deliver the most beautiful images.

Nothing too staged, nor contrived, just honest moments that tell the unique story of your day.

How I work on the day

I'm not bossy or intrusive, and I won’t unnecessarily direct you or any of your guests.

​I aim to be discreet and capture authentic moments, rather than unnatural poses and awkward smiles - real smiles are far more important!

I won’t take endless photos of your wedding dress hanging in the window or your engagement rings entwined with roses. I'll capture the important details in their natural setting, telling the the story of your day.

​I won’t intervene in the flow. ​Your wedding day should be spent with the people that mean most to you.

​Therefore, I'll aim to only steal the two of you away from your guests for a short while for the formal shots, so you can get back to the fun.

​Your wedding day is about celebrating your relationship as a couple. I'll be there to capture you when you can't keep your eyes off each other.

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